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SENIOR school 12yrs+
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At Qld National Ballet School, we offer a large range of classes for students of all different ages, abilities and career goals. Whether you son or daughter wants to dance for fun or take the next step towards a career in the dance industry, QNB has something for everyone.

You can give your child the opportunity to pursue their dreams through enrolling them at one of Queenslands, most progressive & professional dance academies

We pride ourselves on nurturing our students as the individuals they are. Every student is different and learns in different ways. We understand this at QNBallet

Please see our classes description for more information on classes studied at QNBallet.

Pre-SENIOR Program 12-15yrs+

Pre-SENIOR program 12-15yrs+
RAD Intermediate Foundation- 1 hour
RAD Intermediate- 1 hour  
Pre-Senior Jazz- 1 hour

AD Intermediate Foundation- 1 hour
RAD Intermediate- 1 hour  
Musical Theatre- SEnior 1 hour
Contemporary (COMDANCE)- 1 hour

Flamenco/Character 45mins
Pre-Senior Pointe- 45mins

INTERMEDIATE EXTENSION PROGRAM- Monday and Thursday- Invitation only,For young students 10-12 years wanting a career focused program with specialised training in the Russian Vaganova Method of Classical Ballet (ACB) , Pointe Coaching, Progressive Ballet Method (PBT- Conditioning class) and Flamenco to develop dynamics and musicality. Classes taken my Principal Director, Tracey Fleming and guests
SENIOR Program 15yrs+

SENIOR program 15yrs+
ACB Level 5-  1 hour
ACB Level 6-  1 hour
Acrobatics- 1 hour      
Contemporary Class- 1 hour   

RAD Advanced 1
RAD Advanced 2
Senior Jazz- 1 hour

RAD Advanced 1- 1 hour
Senior Pointe 45mins
RAD Advanced 2- 1 hour 

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