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AdultS Ballet

Ballet is for EVERYONE

Whether you want to get summer ready or it has been a dream to do ballet since you were little, our Adults Ballet Classes at Qld National Ballet School are a perfect way to tone up, get fit and explore ballet movement all in one class.


Enjoying the movement and structure of classical ballet while improving your fitness, flexibility and balance! DANCE IS AN ART FORM FOR ALL AGES 

Classes are available to all levels of experience and ability.

This means no previous training in dance is required! 

THURSDAY 6:30-7:30PM

Christine Milostnik

The class is being taken by our incredibly talented and passionate teacher Christine Milostnik. 

Christine teaching career has spanned over 15years, teaching ballet and flamenco whilst traveling the world. She is passionate about sharing her love of dance and expertise with others whist creating an encouraging environment, building confidence for all dancers to thrive in. 


3 options availble 

10 week package- $250 ($25 per class- 3 month expiry) 

5-week package $135 ($27 per class- 2 month expiry) or 

Causal $30 per class (paid on the day)



WHAT TO WEAR? Comfortable clothes that you can freely move in (activewear such as tights or shorts are perfect) and either socks or ballet flats. We also recommend having your hair tied back or out of your face.


WHAT TO BRING? A water bottle, And a small towel, we’d like to get you sweating! We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the studio!

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